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Lock in our special launch perks (see below).

Limited exclusively to the first 500 reservers.

Product sales start at the end of April 2023.

First batch shipping in October 2023.

Pledge $25 USD (€) to claim:

1. Guaranteed launch price of $899 - (33% OFF, secret perk link)

2. Priority Shipping - (Get our wearable 2 months before anyone else)

3. FREE Shipping - (for USA, EU & UK only)


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    By putting down a $25 deposit you'll get access to a priority launch notification to claim our Super Early Bird pricing (33% OFF).

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    You will receive all the above mentioned perks, available only to the first 500 Reservers.

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    This is a Subscribers-Exclusive Deal and it won't be made known outside of our pre-campaign.

Important: If you decide not to support us on Indiegogo you will be able to claim a refund of your deposit!