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End Hair Loss - Regenerative Technology

Carlos sat down with the host of Products With Purpose, Eli Harrell to talk about our unique approach to end hair loss. 

Some of the highlights from this episode: 

  • How damaging the loss of hair can be for self-esteem, confidence, and social interaction

  • Understanding how stem cells can be stimulated to regenerate skin and hair

  • Some future implications of technology like this

  • Working with scientists while creating a product that requires hardware & software design & development

  • The power of enlisting the right people to support your vision by constantly articulating your purpose

About products with purpose:

The purpose of this interview series, hosted by Eli Harell, is to tell the stories of people just like you and me, who are putting everything on the line, going all-in to create real impact. 'It is my job to tease out the most valuable stories from people who are building products and businesses that are laser-focused on solving meaningful problems on this planet (or beyond)' states Eli.

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