Hair loss is stoppable.

niostem’s work starts where hair growth ends. Because even a bald scalp has more than 100.000 miniaturised hair follicles containing hair stem cells that still carry potential to be reactivated. Unlike common methods, our approach achieves physical regeneration by using your body’s own powerhouse and the ability of your hair stem cells to solve your problem.

Non-invasive drug-free no side effects

DHT causes hair follicle miniaturization

  • 1

  • Terminal hair

  • 2

  • Shrinking hair follicle due to DHT

  • 3

  • Miniaturized hair follicle

How niostem works

We use our unique Stem Cell Reactivation Technology (SCRT) in a first of it’s kind wearable device. 
It uses bioelectrical impulses to reactivate dormant stem cells.

Non-invasive drug-free no side effects

Guaranteed results in 6 months - Or money back

Stem cell stimulation to trigger regrowth

No Stimulation

With Stimulation

19% more hair in 6 months

  • 100%

    stopped hair loss

  • 19.3%

    avg. increase in hair density

  • 9.1%

    avg. increase in hair thickness

6x more hair than leading drugs

Comparing the clinical investigation of niostem with leading drugs.

(*Hair density quantification via high resolution imaging i.e. trichoscopy)

*statistical significance compared to baseline.

Trichoscopy quantification for detailed results

The same reference point is used for measurements at 0, 3, and 6 months vis high resolution imagery.

Reversing miniaturization process

Hair thickness increased by 9.1% on average after 6 months.

Hair density increased by 19.1% on average after 6 months.

Time (months)

Time (months)

*statistical significance compared to baseline.

Is niostem right for me?

niostem was developed to counteract the effects of pattern baldness, also known as common hair loss. niostem was designed to be primarily used by people suffering from the early to mid-stages of pattern baldness (Norwood scales 1-5).

At Norwood scale 6, your hair stem cells and hair follicles could be in a deep resting stage already where the renewal process might not be as successful anymore.(use at your own discretion)niostem is not recommended for Norwood scale 7.

Norwood scale

The earlier you take action, the more reversible pattern baldness becomes. This means that your chance to stop hair loss and regrow hair is higher the sooner you use niostem.


Targeting the root cause of hair loss, dormant stem cells

Targeting the root cause of hair loss

Why wait on a miracle, when you can count on research? niostem uses unique Stem Cell Reactivation Technology to kick-start your hair stem cells back into action. Leading to stronger, healthier, thicker hair.

  • Activation

    Hair loss is caused by DHT which interrupts the regular hair production cycle. This disruption causes hair follicles to shrink over time until they stop regrowing hair.The niostem wearable counteracts this miniaturization process by reactivating follicle growth via bioelectrical stimulation.

  • Growth

    By using our targeted Stem Cell Reactivation Technology (SCRT), hair stem cells on the scalp are reignited back into action mode.They start multiplying into progenitor cells, thus triggering hair follicle growth.

  • Outcome

    The niostem wearable enables the body to restore it’s natural, physiological hair regeneration cycle.The outcome are stronger hair follicles which can grow healthier and thicker hair.

Breakthrough in stem cell science

The exciting invention by Dr Carlos Chacón of a method that allows for studies on hair follicle stem cell fate leads to a deepening understanding of stem cells and their regenerative abilities.

17 January 2017

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Dr Carlos Chacón & colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, file a patent on a Hair Follicle Stem Cell (HFSC) culture system that furthers the field of regenerative science.

17 January 2017

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“Growing hair follicle stem cells with our method is likely to have important implications in regenerative medicine. Modern medicine is already able to grow and transplant skin, but this is hairless. Maybe we could help bald men to regrow hair", says Chacón.

19 December 2016

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The niostem scientist and founder Dr. Chacón–Martínez

The niostem scientist and founder

“One of my main drivers for my professional career in biotechnology and regenerative medicine has been my desire to directly improve people’s lives. These fields offer tremendous potential to influence individual’s health and wellbeing.“

Dr. Carlos Chacón-Martínez
Founder & Cell Biologist

Dr. Chacón–Martínez