What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by different factors, for example, as a normal result of ageing, hormonal changes, stress, injury or due to medical conditions.

What type of hair do we target?

We target Common Hair Loss, also called Male Pattern Baldness.

90% of men & 30-40% of women experience hair loss, tend to fall in this category.

Does it work?

Yes. We conducted years of research in the lab, before moving towards the development of our wearable device.

Our pilot study gave clear results: 6x more hair density than the leading hair loss drug Finasteride, in half the time.

Is it safe?

Yes. Only 4% of the testers experienced in the first week of usage dry skin and/or itchyness of the scalp. The symptoms faded completely by the second week.

When are we coming to market?

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We are launching in April 2023.

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