Does niostem work?

niostem is focusing on reawakening the dormant hair stem cells, thus targeting the core problem of male pattern baldness. Our technology stimulates stem cells through a gentle mechanical process called low level bioelectrical stimulation.

Through this method, hair stem cells are encouraged to convert into progenitor cells, thereby effectively kickstarting the regrowth process at a cellular level resulting in both thicker and more hairs growing.

Finally, this method is entirely non-invasive, and is not dependent on any medications or shampoos - causing no side effects!

To test niostem’s efficacy we have conducted a 6-month pilot study with 22 testers (all males with male pattern baldness, Norwood Scale 2-6, aged 20-50).

The results:

Within 3 months 95.4% stopped hair loss and 86.3% increased their hair density, in other words, regrew hair.

After 6 months, 100% of testers stopped hair loss and 100% had regrowth. The average hair density increased was 19.3%, which in essence means 19% more hair. This is 6x more effective in hair regrowth than Finasteride in half the time. Likewise, overall hair thickness increased significantly 9% after 6 months.

How is niostem different?

There are many products on the market that promise hair regrowth, however most still utilize the same old approach of trying to block your hormones, for example dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which comes at a high cost of frequent nasty side-effects.

Other products like lasers, derma rollers, caffeine serums, etc. try to stimulate blood flow and thus hope to increase availability of nutrients in the follicles. Usually with limited efficacy.

niostem is different. Our solution tackles the root cause of hair loss. It reactivates dormant hair follicle stem cells that are responsible for hair growth. By using low level bioelectrical stimulation niostem does not meddle with your hormones but instead reactivate proper cell functionality. The activated cells trigger follicle growth which ultimately leads to hair growth.

So unlike other solutions, we are not simply trying to stop hair loss, instead it comes naturally by getting your cells back into growth mode.

Will niostem work for me?

The device can be used by anyone aged 18+ years with male pattern baldness, also known as common hair loss, which affects 90% of men and around 30% of women with hair loss. niostem has been proven to work in a pilot study with men, aged 20-50 years, with Norwood stages 2-6.

We designed our wearable to be primarily used by people suffering from the early to mid-stages of male pattern baldness, because cells in this stage typically have better chances of being reactivated.

In cases of late-stage baldness, cells could be already dormant for too long, thus being more difficult for hair growth reactivation to work well.

Do I need to use niostem every day?

niostem is recommended to be used everyday for 30 min from the comfort of your own home.

The main driver of pattern baldness, DHT, will still be present in your body and thus continue to interact with your hair follicles, making the hair stem cells inactive over time.

Continued use of the niostem device will ensure that you circumvent this effect and continue to fuel growth through active hair stem cells.

How long will it take to see results?

Based on niostem pilot results, during the first 12 weeks most people can expect to stop hair loss and visually see less fallen hair on the pillow, blankets, bathroom sink, etc.

After 12 – 24 weeks, most people see by themselves the first signs of regrowth in both hair density and hair thickness.

Beyond 24 weeks: you can expect to see increased results of regrowth and recovery on bald areas where the hair follicles were previously miniaturized.

Please note: Individual results may vary depending on the degree of your hair loss, health, age, hair type, nutrition or other medical conditions present.

How long do I need to use my niostem device once I have achieved my hair growth goals?

For as long as you wish to keep your hair healthy, you will need to continue using the niostem wearable, because the leading cause of hair loss, DHT, will still be present in your body.

We recommend daily use, but we will continue to test and improve our product, and work on reducing the frequency of usage once our customers' hair growth goals have been achieved. This should work very much like a teeth retainer to keep teeth aligned after a standard orthodontic procedure.

Can niostem be used on women?

The niostem device is designed to target those follicles that are dormant or miniaturized due to the condition of pattern baldness. The biology behind this condition is recognized to be the same in men and women.

To date, we have not tested our product on women and thus, we have no data on this respect. Future efforts will include such tests. Having said that, from the biological point of view, our Stem Cell Reactivation Technology should have the same effects against pattern baldness regardless of the person’s gender.

Specially in women, a correct diagnosis of pattern baldness (also known as common hair loss) would need to be obtained from a professional, because varying alopecia forms are widely spread among women.

Does niostem only work on the areas where the electrodes are placed?

Our advanced design ensures that an invisible network is formed uniformly across the DHT-sensitive, upper scalp ensuring that all areas affected by pattern baldness are targeted.

Can I use niostem if I have had a hair transplant?

Before and after a hair transplantation it is essential to stop (reduce) hair loss, and for this reason hair loss medications are usually prescribed.

The niostem device could be the perfect - drug-free - solution pre and post hair transplantation, having a higher efficacy than Fin and Minox, without causing side-effects.

A combination of a transplantation with niostem can be extremely useful to support regrowth of existing hair and help the newly transplanted follicles to grow better.

Please consult with your hair surgeon or trichologist beforehand.

Is niostem safe?

Yes! niostem is very safe.

Bioelectrical stimulation has been used in different applications since the 90s (neuromuscular, ophthalmological, nerve and other stimulation fields). To date no adverse effects have been reported.

Additionally, our device complies with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards (CE).

What is the money-back policy?

We are working on the possibility of a 6-month performance guarantee.

What is the legal warranty policy for the device?

We are offering a 1-year warranty for our product.

The legal warranty covers any hardware defects presumed to have existed at the time of delivery and which become apparent within a period of one year launch.

When will niostem be available?

Sales launch starts in April 2023.

First batch is scheduled to be shipped in October 2023.

Are there any contraindications for the use of niostem?

niostem has been tested in healthy individuals and has shown no severe adverse side effects.

However, as niostem has not been tested in individuals with a variety of health conditions (see below), we do not recommend its use in people who are affected by/with or suffering from: mid to severe or chronic skin inflammation, taking medications that may affect the skin reactions (e.g. glucocorticoids, anti-allergic drugs, immunomodulators), severe skin allergies or ever experienced serious side effects from skin products, scalp burns e.g. via sunburns or chemical burns or irritations, any type of skin, brain or bone or any other  cancer located on the head, mental problems, epilepsy, schizophrenia, mental retardation or dysfunction or paralysis or any other impairment, conditions on the the scalp that affect skin integrity and function including but not limited to: wounds, irritations, hematomas, blisters, herpes, other abrasions, or skin conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, scaring alopecia or any other scaring condition of the skin, acne, bleeding, etc.

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