Real Results in 180 Days-
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4 Steps - Performance Guarantee

Step 1

Document your journey Take Before/After pictures every month for 6 months.Please take one base-line picture before starting the 6-months routine.(See below “how to take pictures”)

Step 2

Use the device daily Ensure minimum usage of at least 6x / week for 180 days.

Step 3

Stick to the routine Trust the process and use the wearable for 30 min / day.

Step 4

Give us your feedback Write a short description of any information you deem relevant. Please indicate if you have been cross using other hair loss products. (Please be aware that if you stop using hair loss medications, shedding is likely to occur.)



Hair needs time to grow.

The performance guarantee only applies after 180 days. Any usage period shorter than that is not covered by teh guarantee simply because the stem cell reactivation technology needs time help your body regrow hair.

Targeted for common hair loss.

niostem is not indicated toward people with other types of hair loss including but not restricted to scarring alopecia, autoimmune alopecia, any therapy-induced hair loss, etc.

Verify your hair loss stage.

Please make sure that your hair loss falls into teh category of Norwood stage 1-5. niostem is not recommended for a later stage of hair loss of a later stage is

Contact our support.

If in doubt of whether or not niostem is right for your hair loss, please check our FAQ and get in contact

Norwood Scale

See below a depiction of different Norwood stages. niostem is designed for stages 1-5. For the Stages 6-7 the hair loss reversal is much more difficult to achieve because many hair follicles are already past the stage of reactivation.


How to take pictures

Combating common hair loss can is challenging.
Within the first 12 weeks of usage 95% of users stop hair loss. And in teh next 12 weeks most users have seen regrowth.Nevertheless, hair takes time to grow and the individual response to our wearable will vary based on many factors, with the Norwood Stage, age and hair follicle degeneration being most prevalent.

To ensure unbiased results we ask you to follow this quick guide on how to take pictures:

  • Use the App’s selfie feature to take 5 different pictures of your hair loss as shown below
  • Take pictures from five different angles of your head: front, back, top, right side profile, right side profile
  • Make sure to have good light conditions
  • Verify that your images are sharp and non-blurry
  • We recommend to ask another person to help take pictures.

The App guides you to take pictures and stores them for you.

That’s it, no hidden small imprint.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes! niostem is very safe.

Bioelectrical stimulation has been used in different applications since the 90s (neuromuscular, ophthalmological, nerve and other stimulation fields). To date no adverse effects have been reported.

Additionally, our device complies with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards (CE).

Are there side effects?

The niostem device was well tolerated during testing, with no serious side effects reported. 

Minimal adverse effects included an itchy scalp (scalp pruritus; 9%) and slight headache in the first 2-4 days after the initial use (4.5%), which are also common with approved drugs and laser caps (Adil et al. 2017). All these effects disappeared after a week of use.

Do I need to use it everyday?

You can use the device, for as long as you wish to keep your hair, you will need to continue using the niostem device. 

You can compare it to going to the gym. If you go often you will build muscles. But, if you stop going your muscles will slowly fade again. However, if you miss 1 day it is not a disaster. 

Therefore, we recommend daily use, but we will continue to improve our product and further test it to recommend different (lower) frequencies of use in the future once results have been achieved and need to be maintained.

How long will it take to see the results?

You can expect to see increased results of regrowth and recovery on bald areas where the hair follicles were previously miniaturized.

Please note: Individual results may vary depending on the degree of your hair loss, health, age, hair type, nutrition or other medical conditions present.

Is there any other scientific evidence besides your study?

Thank you for your interest in niostem. There is indeed. We have obtained evidence in the lab in the petri dish. We also collaborated with Monasterium Laboratories (DE) who have validated our data with human hair follicles. Building on our trial, whereby testers used niostem, we are currently planning a further clinical validation study in Germany to further strengthen our data.